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GTA Foosball runs a Ladder ranking system designed to sort out who is the best singles player in the city.  Play anyone, anywhere, at anytime, on any foosball table. 

Challenge friends ahead of you in the rankings, and when you win, you take their place, knocking them down a rung on the Ladder.  

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January - March

Upcoming Events

March 24

Many of our players tour to various international tournaments.  Our Warm-Up Tournaments are designed to give our players an environment to practice in, that is most similar to what they will encounter on tour.

The events in these tournaments will be for teams of two so that partners get a chance to practice against the best in the city as they prepare for the next tour stop.  We will also run a Draw Your Partner event where teams of two will be randomly selected from the pool of players that sign up.


Tornado T-3000
Foosball Table

Casual Drop-In

8:00-9:30 pm

Meant for beginners, where a professional foosball player will be on site to introduce you to the sport of Foosball.

Legit Foos

9:30-11:00 pm

Open event, where players sign up to challenge the winners of each game to five goals.


We organize weekly events, tournaments, and leagues played on Tornado T-3000 foosball tables.  Event formats most often used include Winner Stays On (“WSO”), Draw Your Partner (“DYP”) or Bring Your Partner (“BYP”).  We also hold singles (1 vs 1) and specialty events which are aimed at helping players focus on improving a specific area of their game.

Winner Stays On

Winner Stays On (“WSO”) format is used when there are more than 4 players, to keep track of who gets to challenge the winners in the next game.  After each game, the winners stay on the table, the losers are kicked off, and the next player/team on the sign up list gets a chance to become the King(s)/Queen(s) of the table.


Players in Toronto are ranked into four categories:

(i) Beginners are players who recently realized that foosball is a sport, but lack ball control.  (ii) Amateurs are working on passing and shooting technique.  (iii) Experts have a primary shot and passing series, and are building depth to their strategy. (iv) Professionals compete, or have competed internationally on a regular basis, and are developing increased strategy and consistency.

Just like all other sports, rules are needed to manage the intensity of the game.  

GTA Foosball follows the International Table Soccer Federation (“ITSF”) Official Rules.  Some of the most important rules include No Spinning, the Ready Rule to serve the ball, Time Limits for possession on each rod, and Jarring (bumping) the table so hard that it affects the opponent’s possession.  

Past Events

17-18, 2018

Tornado T-3000
Foosball Tables

November, 2018, GTA Foosball proudly presented Ontario’s ITSF World Championships Qualifier tournament.  Players from all over Canada came to Toronto to earn the opportunity to represent our country next July in Murcia, Spain.


at 7:00 pm

The Duke of Somerset hosted a Doubles tournament where teams of two competed to win two competition style foosball tables and a Moosehead sponsored party!




All seven Duke Pubs locations had Moosehead sponsored Foosball Tables set up and ready for action!

There were six foosball tables up for grabs in a four week long competition.  



Our friends to the north at the Ottawa Foosball Association (OFA) are hosting the Ottawa Open foosball tournament at their Tailgators location on Merrivale Road.



The Duke of Somerset held a GTA Foosball promotional Hype Party, sponsored by Moosehead Breweries.  The tournament had a DYP, a Specialties Event, and a BYP.