Who is Toronto's
Top Foosball Player?

2019 Ladder

How It Works

GTA Foosball runs a Ladder ranking system designed to sort out who is the best singles player in the city.  When you submit your results by following the directions below, they will be included in the Standings,  making you an official GTA Fooser.

Challenge friends who are higher than you on the ladder, and when you win, you take their place, knocking them down a spot in the rankings.  Join anytime, since the Ladder has quarterly seasons, and runs all year.


Last Updated... Now!


Okay you got us.. It’s not really “anyone”.. It’s any of the players who are registered in the App 🙂

Oh wait! It DOES mean “anyone” because anyone can register 😀


Play your friend at their house, or meet up with us at a local venue.  

Sign up for the Ladder and enter your results in the App after you play to update the live Standings.


You and your opponent decide the time and location.  

To update the Standings after each match, one player enters the result, and the other confirms it.


So… you know how we said Anyone, Anywhere, at Anytime?

Play on Anytable too.  This is open to everyone in the Toronto Area, just follow the rules below.

Prize Pool

In order to increase the intensity of the matches, there will be a little money on the line.  Official matches will cost each player $3.  The winner keeps their $3, and the loser’s $3 will go into the prize pool.  The total prize pool will be paid out at the end, in accordance with the payout chart below.

The total number of players, total matches played, running prize pool total, and current standings will be published monthly.  The Ladder standings will be updated in real time through the App that we are using.

Bonus Awards

Let’s face it, not everyone can be the best, so we’ve added some fun prizes that the rest of us can fight over.  

Players can only win one Award per season.  In the event that a player wins more than one, they will choose which they want, and the other(s) will go to the next closest player in the respective category.

How to Register

Step 1 – Submit Your Registration Form

Fill out the form below to officially register for a season.

By submitting your registration, you agree to follow the Official Rules as posted on gtafoosball.ca

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Step 2 – Submit Your Payment

Official matches will cost each player $3.  Players must play a minimum of 9 matches in a season (less than one/week).

Registration will cost each player $37 and consists of:  (i) $27 to cover your minimum of nine (9) matches; and (ii) $10 admin fee to help cover costs of organizing the Ladder.

In order to complete your registration, you can pay by credit card through Eventbrite, by buying a “Ladder Registration” Ticket.

Alternatively, you can send an online money transfer to league@gtafoosball.ca 

Make sure to include “Ladder Registration” in the subject” and make the password “Foosball”.

EMAIL:            league@gtafoosball.ca

SUBJECT:       “Ladder Registration”

PASSWORD:   “Foosball”

Step 3 – Install “Slappy” App

Now that you’re officially registered, you will need to install the “Slappy Sports Ladder” App to your phone.

Once you submit your payment, you will receive an email confirmation, which will have the Ladder Code that you use to add yourself to the right group.

Step 4 – Challenge Someone!

Congrats!  You’re now set up and ready to play in the 2019 Ladder.  In the “Ladder” section you will see a list of all players in order of current ranking.  If you have questions, there is a messaging feature in the App, so message the group and the League Manager, or other players will help you out.


Official Rules

These are the official rules for the GTA Foosball Ladder, which are designed to make it fun and fair for all participants.  There are rules for how the Ladder will work, and rules for how each Match must be played.  Matches will be self governed, and if conflicts arise between players, they must consult these official rules to resolve it.  If the conflict is not addressed in these rules, then the players may submit an official ruling decision request by emailing the League Manager at League@gtafoosball.ca and they will get back to you as soon as possible with a verdict.

Keep in mind that first and foremost, we are playing for fun.  Please respect each other at all times!